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Everybody can help!

PRO ASYL is a non-profit human rights organziation. Everybody wanting to aid refugees can become a member of the Förderverein ('Friends of') PRO ASYL. About 17.000 people support our work in this way, making us strong and independent. They know that their contributions and donations are employed in a careful and responsible way so as to achieve our common goals. The most important activities of PRO ASYL are: Assisting and helping in individual cases, public relations, researching, supporting local groups, funding legal aid, ongoing action and European cooperation.

Our request to you: Get involved by becoming a member or making a donation. The minimum annual contribution as a member amounts to 40 EUR - for students 20 EUR. Of course, larger sums will be welcome as well. And please give it a thought: The more people are supporting our work, the more we will be able to protect refugees from an inhuman fate.

Spendenkonto-Nr.: 8047300 | Bank für Sozialwirtschaft Köln | BLZ: 370 205 00
IBAN: DE62 3702 0500 0008 0473 00 | BIC: BFSWDE33XXX