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Despite subsequent improvements: EU-Turkey deal violates fundamental human rights!

On Wednesday in Brussels the European Commission specified the plans for the EU-Turkey deal. Criticism voiced by the UN, the Council of Europe and human rights organizations beforehand did have some effect. However, the plans still violate fundamental human rights. What hasn't been understood in Brussels as well as in Berlin: The “Turkish solution” is no “European solution” and is a direct assault on the right of asylum.


EU-Turkey-Meeting: Individuals' right of asylum up for discussion

The meeting between the European Union's heads of state or government with the Turkish Prime Minister Davutoğlu sends a devastating signal: Human rights and the rights of refugees are being sacrificed to brutal interest-driven politics. The European heads of state or government are ready to shut their eyes regarding all matters of human rights in Turkey, as long as Turkey's government does its part in stopping refugees from entering Europe.


Greece: Thousands of stranded refugees end up in misery

Thousands of boat people are currently arriving at the Greek Aegean islands. Most of them end up homeless and destitute because there is no governmental support at all. Greece and the European Union have the responsibility to receive and accommodate the stranded refugees in a humane way.


Analysis by PRO ASYL regarding the death of eleven refugees near the island of Farmakonisi

On 20 January 2015 a Greek lawyer’s team on behalf of the survivors filed a complaint against the Greek authorities to the European Court of Human Rights. Three woman and eight children from Afghanistan died one year ago when their vessel sank near the Greek island Farmakonisi while being towed by the Greek Coast Guard. Since 24 January 2014, PRO ASYL supports the survivors with legal and humanitarian aid. There are conflicting accounts of what happened that night. Here is the analysis of PRO AS


For a European system of rescue at sea!

With a public appeal PRO ASYL urges the European Parliament to establish an European system of rescue at sea and to open up legal and non-dangerous routes to Europe.


Severe ill-treatment of Syrians in Bulgaria

Asylum seekers should not be sent back to Bulgaria in light of new evidence of severe ill-treatment of Syrians


Bulgaria: Brutal Push Backs at the Turkish border

To prevent refugees from crossing the EU border, Bulgarian border guards use any means: repeatedly asylum seekers were pushed back illegally at the Turkish border. This is the result of a research by our cooperation partner Bordermonitoring Bulgaria (BMB).


Refugees on "MT Salamis" - PRO ASYL demands reception in Europe

The tragedy of the boat people on the MT Salamis continues. According to the will of Maltese and Italian authorities, the refugees should be brought back to the Libyan hell, while the oil on board of the tanker shall be transferred to Malta – as originally intended. PRO ASYL demands the EU to guarantee the reception of the rescued boat people in a safe port in Europe.


Allocation of refugees in the EU: Call for fundamentally new system

A broad social coalition calls for fundamentally new orientation in sharing responsibility 7-8 March: Justice and Home Affairs Council deliberates on extending border controls


Treated like human cargo - Italy pushes protection seekers back to Greece

Treated like human cargo - Italy pushes protection seekers back to Greece. PRO ASYL and the Greek Council for Refugees publish report on arbitrary readmissions from Italian ports to Greece.