Appeal for a European system of rescue at sea:
Opening up legal and non-dangerous routes to Europe!

One year after the shipwreck near Lampedusa on October 3th and more than 3000 deaths at sea in 2014 Europe must introduce a change of course in European refugee policy! We demand: Mare Nostrum must be Europeanised and expanded. In order to prevent refugees taking to these boats at the risk of their lives, Europe must open safer routes for refugees. more >>



Refugees and asylum seekers in Bulgaria

Humiliated, ill-treated and without protection.

In the first months of 2015, PRO ASYL has heard shocking accounts from asylum seekers reaching Germany via Bulgaria. These accounts include reports of inhumane and degrading treatment as well as torture. PRO ASYL has written up some of these accounts, mainly from asylum seekers and refugees who arrived in 2014, to serve as an example of the treatment experienced by many who travel through Bulgaria.

Brochure: Humiliated, ill-treated and without protection. Refugees and asylum seekers in Bulgaria (pdf)



Farmakonisi: "We want justice."

The relatives and survivors of the victims of the Farmakonisi shipwreck are shocked about the closure of the investigation of the presumed push back operation on january 20 2014, when eight children and three women died. With a declaration the family members of the victims, among them the surviving fathers and husbands, appeal to the European public. They demand clarification and justice for the dead. Find their appeal here.

Push Backs of Refugees at Greek Border

Report reveals systematic push backs of refugees in the Aegean Sea, from Greek Islands and at the Greek-Turkish land border.

The majority of the victims are refugees from Syria – men, women, children, babies, and people suffering from severe illness - trying to enter Europe to seek international protection or to reunite with their families. While the EU publicly repeats its commitment to stand by Syrian refugees, their fundamental human rights are being violated at the European border.

Report PUSHED BACK - systematic human rights violations against refugees in the aegean sea and at the greek-turkish land border" (pdf)




Allocation of refugees in the European Union:

For an equitable, system of sharing responsibility based on solidarity

The inhumane consequences of the so called Dublin-System are well known: Asylum seekers in Greece are either detained or forced to live in the streets. In Italy refugees live in homelessness and squalor. Also in Hungary, Malta and other EU-Member States refugees face detention or homelessness. Many asylum seekers remain without protection after entering the EU, but are forced to stay in the country of first entry – which in most cases will be assigned the responsibility for their asylum application – or to return to it. Now, a broad social coalition made up of PRO ASYL, Diakonia Germany, the PARITÄTISCHE Welfare Association, AWO Workers´ Welfare Association, Jesuit Refugee Service Germany, German Bar Association, and the Neue Richtervereinigung calls for a fundamentally new orientation in sharing responsibility for refugees in the EU.

Memorandum "Allocation of refugees in the European Union"

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Press Relases

European Commission delivers legitimization to violate refugee rights


On 18th and 19th February, the Heads of the EU Member States will meet in Brussels. In preparation for this meeting, the European Commission has published documents that... [more]

PRO ASYL opposes the refoulement of asylum seekers from Greece to Turkey


Turkey is set to become Europe’s refugee camp; human rights are in effect suspended [more]

"On the Bride's Side" - How to bring syrian refugees from Italy to Sweden safely?

"On the Bride's Side" isn't just a film - it is yet an act of civilian disobedience: A film team around the Italian journalist Gabriele del Grande shows in »Io sto con la sposa« (On the Bride's side), how they help five syrian refugees completing their journey to Sweden without getting themselves arrested as traffickers – by faking a wedding. Find more information on the crowd funded project here: 

Interview with Gabriele del Grande (in German)

Refugees in distress at sea

Acting and assisting: Guidance for skippers and crews.

Nowadays, skippers have to be prepared to encounter refugees in distress, especially in the Mediterranean Sea. What should you do if an unseaworthy and overloaded vessel in distress crosses your way? This brochure is designed to help you meet your obligations. It provides you with:
• An overview over the regulations of international law
• Concrete instructions on what to do when rendering assistance in distress
• A list of further sources of information and emergency numbers.

Brochure: Refugees in distress at sea (pdf)




"I came here for peace"

Systematic ill-treatment of migrants and refugees by state agents in Patras

In Greece every day refugees and migrants face racist attacks - not only by supporters of "Golden Dawn" and other fascist groups, but also by police staff and other state agents. The Report "I came here for peace" shows the systematic ill-treatment of migrants and refugees in Patras.

Report "I came here for peace" (PDF)





Walls of Shame:

The Detention Centers of Evros 

In the Turkish – Greek border region of Evros, thousands of refugees from Afghanistan, Iran, Somalia, Sudan and other countries try to reach Europe. But instead of protection and safety they find arbitrary detention under inhumane conditions. The Report "Walls of Shame" reveals the conditions inside the detention centers of Evros and makes clear, that Greece is not accountable alone for these violations of basic human rights, but also the political approach of the European Union towards migrants and refugees.

Report "Walls of shame" (PDF)