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Friends of PRO ASYL

Every year hundreds of thousands become refugees due to war and persecution. Only a very small fraction of these refugees reach Germany. Instead of finding help, these people are often met with xenophobia and resentment in our society.

Refugees are entitled to have their human rights respected and to protection from persecution. But the protection of refugees is exposed to increasingly strong legal and official restrictions which often have unbearable consequences: reasons for escape are not accepted, families are separated, healthcare is denied, refugees are transported back to the country where they have been originally persecuted.

PRO ASYL has made it its aim to work against this. We help refugees individually in situations in which they need support, for example, in cases concerning their asylum status in court. We also work on the political level. Through means of analysis, legal reports, surveys, lobbying and European networking we effectively take part in public discussion.

Aiding Individual Cases

Political, religious and ethnical persecution, torture, rape, war and civil war, destruction of basis of existence - these terms are linked with individual tragedies. Often, flight is the last option. Injustice and violence have a deep impact on each single life. Also, getting to a secure country is difficult and full of obstacles. In Germany further barriers are waiting, such as ignorant authorities, restrictive laws on asylum and insufficient legal proceedings.

By all means, the handling of refugees in Germany must be altered as it is unjust in many ways. PRO ASYL intervenes and supports refugees through their court cases. If necessary, we attend them all the way to the Constitutional Court as well as to the European Court of Human Rights.

Another successful way to help refugees with their cases are psychological statements. The subject of these is, mostly, sustained repression like torture or rape, which is challenged by single case decision makers of the Federal Office or the Court.

Convincing through Information

The fate of refugees must not be forgotten, neither the individual case nor the political background. PRO ASYL has been contributing to this for many years, by means of intensive PR. Time and again, comprehensive information on relevant topics concerning refugees is being made available to people interested in news and facts that are irreplaceable in forming sound opinion.

PRO ASYL informs through means of press releases, press conferences, flyers and magazines, regular information for members and contributors as well as on the internet on

  • PRO ASYL takes part in panel-, radio- and TV-discussions.
  • PRO ASYL supports the networking of initiatives and produces informative material for events and information desks.
  • PRO ASYL takes care of profound and competent information through material collections and books on specific issues.
  • PRO ASYL realises nation wide campaigns in order to raise awareness to injustice, nuisances and undesirable political developments.
  • PRO ASYL annually initiates the Day of the Refugee ("Tag des Flüchtlings"). On this occasion many events are taking place together with parishes, welfare organisations, unions, local authorities and initiative groups.


Our Target: A Humane Society, Open Towards Foreigners

All these activities serve the purpose of approximating people on the individual, social and political level to the situation of refugees and asylum seekers. At the same time, PRO ASYL wants to counteract the existing racist tendencies in our society through information based on facts and organisation of social opposition. Whether it is the erosion of asylum laws, dramatic individual fate, rights of children of refugees, scandalous social discrimination of asylum seekers or about regulation concerning the right of residence. Pro Asyl stands up in public for shaping a more humane and open society.